Sounds like the way people talk

SUMMARY: Ed Wilson talks about writing dialogue

BoyBearTowerOfLondon.jpg“Say, can you tell me some of the cool things you like to do when writing,” she asked.

I thought about my answer before committing, “I like to write dialogue.”

“Yes, I can see that. Umm, but you know … I am not sure that my, uh you know, dialog actually sounds, like, uh, you know, how uh, people, ummm, actually talk. Know what I mean?”

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Omit weak works

SUMMARY: Ed Wilson talks about replacing weak words with strong words to create powerful writing

BoyBearTowerOfLondon.jpgOne of my favorite books on writing is Stunk and White’s The Elements of Style. I own several copies of this little book, and I read it at least twice a year. One of the edicts in the book is “Omit needless words.” That is great advice, unless of course you happen to be writing for some how-to website that pays by the word. But interestingly enough, those sorts of sites (that I have nearly completely quit reading because the writing is so poor) stand in great contrast to those who groom their writing liking an anal-retentive gardener removing weeds.

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