No one seems to talk anymore

SUMMARY: Ed Wilson talks about an absence of conversation

MeInFrontOfAPirateShip_thumb.jpgThis is something I have been observing for quite some time – no one seems to talk anymore. I see young people on the train with little white plastic ear buds inserted. Their heads nod in apparent agreement to some unheard conversation as if their music machines telepathically transmitted their thoughts at ultrasonic frequencies.


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Hmmmm…and I thought the music was finished

SUMMARY: Ed Wilson talks about a visit to the Bach museum in Leipzig

wp_20161029_18_11_23_richSo, while I was in Leipzig, Germany, I had the opportunity to visit the Bach museum. It was both a moving and educational experience. First the moving portion. While there, we had the chance to see an organ that Bach had played. It has been completely restored, and was absolutely amazing. But the part that was so moving was when we walked into a musical instrument room, and as soon as we came into the room we were staring at a nearly 300 year old double base.

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