Ed Wilson talks about MYPAL

SUMMARY: Ed Wilson talks about making the point of the writing and then leaving

One of the things that really annoy me when I am reading is an author that goes over and over and over the same ground. I mean, ok, I get it, XYZ is bad and therefore XYZ should be whatever. But come on and get to the point. This is especially true for writers, it seems, who are what I call activist writers. It does not matter their agenda, whether I happen to agree with their agenda, or sympathize with their cause, when I read I like to come to my own conclusions, and to walk away with my own ideas and even in some cases, action plan. If I want to be preached at, I will go to a place where that is their specialization.

It is a dangerous proposition. I make a point when I am writing. I think I am clever, or that my sentence hit a home run. So naturally, I want to reprise my success, and to slam another one out of the park. My good friend Ed Green in my South Carolina Writers Workshop said once during a critique session that 1 + 1 does not always equal 2. In some cases it actually equals –1. What he was saying is that the first well written line hits home. Woo hoo a home run. But, the second time around I actually diminish the power of the first line. This is the 1 + 1 = –1 theory. It is a good rule to remember.

So, my advice (at least to myself) is to remember MYPAL. MYPAL assists me in my writing and encourages me to move on. MYPAL is short for Make Your Point and Leave — and that is what I intend to do.

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