Today is the perfect day for the perfect cup of coffee

edWilsonPic_HeadAndShoulders_2_InchWell today it is foggy, gray, and gloomy outside. The temperature is expected to rise above 90 again, and currently the humidity is nearly 90%. Clearly a day like today was made to spend inside, enjoying a good book, an ice cold cola and a bit of air conditioning. Of course for me the good book will be Windows PowerShell Best Practices (the book I am writing for MSPress), and the enjoyment to be had will be in the completion of the writing of a chapter, rather than the more cerebral activity of reading the chapter.

I decided that today I would drink coffee instead of my usual hot beverage of choice—tea for the simple expedient that the caffeine from coffee seems to wake me up faster, and I feel that I will need a jolt to complete the two chapters that are on my agenda for today. Because I do not drink much coffee, I tend to enjoy it more, and I want it to be a good cup of coffee, rather than an expedient cup of joe. Therefore, I got out the bag of Peaberry Kona beans I brought back from Hawaii, ground them in my coffee grinder, heated a pot of fresh spring water, and warmed my cup and milk in the microwave. I then carefully extracted the finely ground Kona coffee and placed it into the bottom of my French Press, and poured the near boiling spring water over the dark powder that covered the bottom of the glass beaker. After allowing the coffee to steep for about 15 minutes, I depressed the plunger about an inch and allowed the liquid to settle for a few seconds before pouring the near black coffee into the warmed cup. I sprinkled half a tea spoon of Turbinado over the café con leche and sipped. Coffee was made to be enjoyed, not gulped like so many liquid caffeine tablets.

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